Reader Ride. An Interesting Buell.

Ricardo Alcivar sends in some pics of his stealthy and unusual Buell. He writes in:

These are pics of my 1996 Buell S1 Lightning. It is my first motorcycle, purchased in 2001, and still the only. We have a lot of history together. On first glance, it may simply look like a stripped-down Buell, but it’s been upgraded everywhere with a mix of aftermarket, Buell, and even some Harley parts. It’s a pretty polarizing bike; I hear a mix of comments ranging from, “awesome,” to “crazy,” to “what happened to it,” and my favorite, “does somebody actually ride that bike?!” It is still the funnest bike I’ve rode to date as well as one of the best handling despite having time riding everything currently out there that I have an interest in.

I have to say it does look a bit harsh on the back. Nice ride though. Thanks!


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