Death of a salvage yard…

Stopped by my local salvage yard yesterday and was confronted with this…. They’re not all the way closed but 70 percent of the old stuff is now gone… There were about 6 total basket case triples in there. Mostly H1’s. Not much usable on any of them but it still hurt to watch. Owner said that he’s had that stuff out there 30 years and noting had moved off that side of the yard in a decade so it was better off as scrap. I guess he had a point but it still sucked to watch. I got there too late to grab any of it. He’s said he’s probably moving and sticking to newer plastic bikes that he can make a few dollars off of. I felt like throwing up a little.


  1. “I never saw a bike I didn’t like”
    This site and others are stimulating a demand for owner builds. This guy just doesn;t get it.

  2. I teared up a lil looking at these pics. Figger I coulda used one of those fenders at the very least…

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