1. Nice KTM,but the CBX on you header pic is STILL the bike I lust after…..seriously lust.
    Leaving out from Steamboat CO Wed morning headed for Denver.I picked a pissy time to ride over there I know,but at least i`ll have some good pics….
    Back on the road now for the next year Steve so dispatches will be spaced a bit further apart.Will send pics soon.
    Please send some sun up here to melt ice on roads…. :-))


  2. KLR-Dude.
    You must have one hell of a KLR or they must be a LOT faster than anyone has ever let on to me. Cause there’s a LOT more than a “bit” more power in that KTM. Try more than double (close to triple actually) between the two bikes. And I imagine that out of the gate the KTM must really handle. And hey I love my DR650 thumper but it’s not even in this bikes league…

  3. well guys it is just my opinion ,my bmw. will blow that ktm away.
    to me the pulsing of the engine felt like a klr that is all
    BTW i have driven ferrari’s but never a beetle
    so i can not compare that. 🙂

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