Does anyone have any objections if I close down the old blogger blog?

I know some of you like to go over there for the links and to my utter amazement it’s still getting 800 to 900 site visits a day.  It’s mostly on content search I imagine but it it’s still surprising.   There’s a big honking message alone on the landing page directing people here but it keeps on rolling at a slow but decent clip.  Heck it does better than my s-2troke page and I post to that at least 5 time a week lol…


Anyway I’m in no hurry I just thought I’d put it out there and see if you guys still check on it for content or whatever.  I wouldn’t delete the pics.  If anything I’d make the libraries available on here for scrolling.  No rush.   Just looking for some feedback.


For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about it’s the former location of this blog over on blogger Here:


  1. There are links all over the place to your old blog, people bookmarked the old site and don’t know haw to change a bookmark. If you take down the old site you’ll break all those links. Do you care?

  2. Yeah you make a good point Willy. I didn’t really consider all the linkage out there. Hmmm.. Something to consider…. I guess I’ll let it fly for this year or until google kicks it. It’s not costing me anything I suppose.

  3. You could place a redirect script on the old page and then a “bookmark the new page” button on the top of the new page big and blinky. That will help get people migrated without being too obtrusive. Let me know if you need a hand with it.

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