Month: March 2011

Reader rides. A Fantastic Collection of Offroad Bikes.

Reader Don Shores sends in the fantastic pics of his collection. I’d be insanely thrilled to own any of these much less the collection. Really excellent bikes Don. thanks much for sharing them.

He writes in with the following:

A 1974 CZ Falta Replica 250cc,

1982 KTM 495, break your leg starting, if not careful!

And here’s a couple more AJS Stromer 250

Rickman 125 Zundapp.

I start my day with your site!!

Thanks again Don!

Update: CL77 Hybrid.

Just got this info from Sam Simmons who sent me the pic:
The picture came to me via another Hoosier-Ellis Holman(a huge
vintage Honda enthusiast with many restorations to his credit) following
my request for a pic of a re-powered Honda CL77 scrambler(this bike’s a
Background info is that there are in fact a number of these CB/CL’s ‘out
there’,as there’s at least one fellow(in TX,I believe) doing them for
I’d requested the pic because I’m interested in building similar,but
basing it on a CL77 with 4:4 high pipes(no baffles,only Snuff-R-Nots for
that ‘right’ sound).
And,there are other variations of this theme,using the CB350F and 400F
chassis as the basis.

That’s all I know,Steve…..

Thanks Sam!

This excellent bike was sent to me a while back and the e-mail got lost in a bit of an onslaught of messages that I received at that time. I can’t find the original message so if it was you please let me know so I can give proper credit. Thanks

Some Really Trick Mini Yamaha’s From 2 stroke Legend Sam simmons!

Sam Simmons sends in this pair of beauties. A pair of hopped up Yamaha BW (Big Wheel) 80’s.

Sam writes in:
Hi Steve,
Hope you’re doing well. Excellent ( new) site (as usual!!). I recently
redid a couple of Yamaha BW-80’s,so here are a few pictures for you…
Surprisingly,both BW’s were still in the hands of their original
owners,one in MO,the other in IL.
Both were in good overall condition,but pretty tired in the ‘Engine Dept’
. I ‘stretched’ the suspension on mine,while my wife’s is stock. Once the
exhaust  and intake systems are de-restricted,carb’s rejetted,these
little shits  fly…almost 50 mph.

They’re great little bikes for  swap meet transportation,and perfect for
inexperienced trail riders.

Best Regards,
Sam Simons

Holy Smokes! 50mph on these must be a hoot!

I like the Kenny Roberts colors!

Sitting Pretty!  Some nice clearance there!

How to raise em up!

Very Nice work!

The before pic!

Another fine 49 old Harley.

Reader ride (sorry didn’t get the name):

This was my Dad’s 1949 Harley. It sat in a shed for 20 years until he said I could have it. The mice did a number on the wiring so I did a complete strip down to bare frame and started from there. Many hours and a few $ later this is the results. What a labor of love.

A really great save!

Reader Ride. Some nice touches on this Suzuki M800 Cruiser.

I’m not usually a big cruiser fan but this one really strikes some nice notes.

Andrius wrote a quick note :
I really like your blog! thank you for doing that!
if I may, I attached few images of my bike. I built it myself and many parts I made too. Hope you like it!

Thanks! If you can fill us in on more specifics I’d love to hear more about it!

A 1969 Vostok 350.

George posted this over on the Facebook page. Really excellent bike with a cool history.

1969 Vostok C364 – Russian made 350cc 4cyl GP bike built under the guidance of Jawa(Czechslovakia) and loosely based on Honda/MV Augusta/Gilera designs that were already outdated by ’69. They made several of these bikes in 350 & 500cc but,didnt really campaign them outside of Mother Russia. Taken by me @ Barber Motorsports Museum ’06

Thanks for that one George

Beautiful Laverda Wanderlust.

Scott Potter was kind enough to give me access to a huge stockpile of really great photo’s so you’ll be seeing them on here from time to time. First up is this georgous Laverda.

Scott wrot in:
This ’82 Jota belongs to my friend Thomas Eatman of Cycledoctor
Rennsport service, in southern Germany, who bought it new in Phoenix.
I’m not so sure there is a bike available new today I would like to
keep forever. I expect tom will keep this one on the ride to Valhalla
rather than a maiden.

This photo was taken at a lunch break somewhere in Austria. I’d have
to go back and look at my notes of the trip to know exactly where. He
and I rode through the alps to the Laverda party escorting the
Laverdaforhealth bunch part of the way on their adventure
(these four fellows rode 100cc bikes from London to northern Italy).
great fun. one for the bucket list to be sure 😉

Sounds like a great trip on a fantastic bike Scott. Thanks for all f this. It’s very much appreciated.