OK Mobile users. How does it look now?

I’ve disabled the I-pad theme enhancement that appears to have been causing people so many problems.  I’ll keep this post pinned for a little while to allow people to comment.  We’ll see how it plays out and go from there.

I also noticed that my default is to “display a mobile theme” by default.  I’m going to leave that on for now as I do not think that this has been the cause of the recent troubles but we can try that too if folk think it’s a problem.

Thanks for your patience.  It appears that wordpress sprung this on us without any warning and made it the default without notifying the bloggers.


  1. Dude, I’m so glad you hooked this up to Twitter. IPad users can then use Flipbook to read this. It really is a fantastic app and makes your site a regular stop for me. Hope you can get back to posting more soon.

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