My 100 dollar paint job! (or tooting my own horn.. lol)

Just got the clearcoat on my long neglected Kawasaki H1. She’s been a faithful bike but I’ve never dressed her out the way she’s deserved. It’s a pretty non-traditional color scheme for the 75 H1. I avoided the blue/teal and went for silver instead. I’ve got all of about 100 dollars in this one including the decals (about $50). Duplicolor lacquer metalspec silver paint (about $10) and a true 2 part clearcoat that comes in a spraycan (about $20 and It’s about as fuel resistant as anything that comes from a gun. Requires a respirator etc.). What you can’t add up is all the stripping and sanding and priming and prepwork that goes into it But if I can do this believe me ANYONE can. The last bike I painted similar to this is still holding up well after 3 years so I’m optimistic that it’ll hold up to general abuse. She’s a rider and not a showbike but I’m pretty happy with it.


  1. Looks great. I got a compressor for my birthday about 10 years back, and bought a cheap HVLP gun from ebay. I now paint my bikes using “the good stuff” — Its surprising how little you need, and once you have the technique down, your materials cost should be very similar to the paint cans, and with HVLP you’ll have a lot less overspray.

    I use the two-part paints, so the base-coats are extremely forgiving, and the clearcoat has a very strong hardener that I appreciate every time I do something stupid like whack the tank with my boot, or…

    Of course, the compressor is good for other stuff as well. Once you’ve used an air-ratchet to take a bike apart, or used it for a D/A sander attachment, you’ll wonder how you ever did without it.

    Fun to scare the dogs when it comes on to recharge the pressure, too!

  2. Thanks! The pipes are original Denco expansion chambers. There are a few folks reproducing them now days. The front fender is a Maier Superbike fender. Easy to find on the web. Around $55-$60 US. Very well made too.

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