What a Great Wanderlust Photo! Could be a BMW Ad!

Joe Snyder over on ADV Rider was gracious enough to let me re-post this fantastic photograph!  And he also let me know about a new blog he’s starting that I thing is a just a great idea!

He writes in:

That’s a great blog you’ve got and it’s now in my favorites

That was taken Sep 18th 2010 on The Whiteface Veterans Memorial Highway. That’s Lake Placid in the background

On a similar note, I have just put up a blog www.adventurefoodnetwork.com where i am aiming to get riders to post the places they eat on the road as a reference for others who may be travelling the same areas. I’d love to have you check it out and possibly pass it along to anyone you know who may be interested in that type of thing

Happy New Year

Like I told him, I think food travel and motorcycles are as natural a fit for a blog as there is.  I’m jealous I never thought of it.  Be sure and pay him a visit and if you’ve got material for his blog send it along!  I now have an excuse to take a ride to my favorite local pub and get him some material.  BONUS!  Thanks again Joe!

One comment

  1. Yup, that whole area around Lake Placid is great for riding.Much less traffic than in Vermont.
    Have you ever taken the small roads in back of Whiteface (Silver Lake,Union Falls) ?

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