Death Valley Dualsport Wanderlust…

Mike Lewis over on ADV rider was kind enough to let me post this great panorama of shot from Death Valley.

He sent a message along:

It was taken in Feb 2010 and is along the Wildrose Cnayon road in Death Valley National Park. It was my first trip there and spent most of the trip riding with a group of Ural sidecar riders that gather there every winter for offroad riding adventures. I also meet them in Moab each year in April. Also last year my wife flew down to Sedona AZ and we toured our way through the national parks back to the camper in Moab (on our tour bike).

I have a TE610 (in the picture) and a TE450 for single track riding. I like to load up the camper and head out to great DS ridng places for a few days at a time, including many Dual Sports Ride events through the greater Pacific Northwest. I keep a fairly full riding schedule each year. Besides Moab this year, I plan to spend a few weeks in Idaho and Western Colorado where I will meet a couple of the Moab riding buddies that live in Colorado and ride with them in their backyard.

I’ll come right out and say it.  I’m so freaking jealous of what you guys have available to you out west.  Florida is great but for trail riding, unless you like riding narrow trails with soft sand, it can get annoying.

Reader Ride! Amazing Wanderlust Pics! 16,000 Mile Trip on 1978 KZ1000!

The ride of a lifetime and proof that you don’t need a $20,000 specialty motorcycle to go on a real adventure.

Vic Wilkens writes in:

I’m a fan of your awesome blog. Thought I’d share a few photos from my recent 16,000 mile trip through the United States. Pictured is my ’78 KZ1000 that carried too much stuff, and took more than her share of abuse. (you may notice the tach is missing) Keep up the good posts, love the variety.
– Vic

Thanks For sharing these Vic! Great Stuff!