Nice Speed Triple shot along with a lane splitting mayhem video!

From reader Bill Hornstein: Attached is .. my Triumph Speed Triple. It’s been my daily driver since 2007 and runs great. Also attached is a link to my ride home. Real time is about an hour.

Very cool video


  1. Nice video! Man, I wish lane splitting was allowed where I live. Nothing worse than sitting in traffic, baking in the hot sun, moving perhaps 20 yards in half an hour, only to discover there was no real cause for the slowdown.

    With some of the traffic I’ve encountered on my trips, I halfway expect to see a pile-up with 3 school buses full of orphans that got plowed into by a crashed 747. Alas, there’s never anything there when I get to the head of the line.

    Cool tunes, by the way! Always liked the Doors. Cheers!

  2. The lane splitting is cool. I love how it’s so prevalent that bikes are passing each other as they do it. I don’t understand how people still drive cars in those conditions. Don’t they see how much time they can save in a week if they just got a cheap bike to ride home on? Those people probably spend 5 to 10 hours a week just sitting in traffic, not having any fun, or getting paid. What a waste.

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