Month: May 2013

I’ll be heading to the “Riding Into History” show this Saturday.

If the weather holds I’ll be stopping by the annual Riding Into History Motorcycle show this Saturday. If you’re there look for the heavy set guy with a nice Nikon setup taking pictures of every single bike he can fit onto a scandisk card.

A few from years gone by (but with crappy camera gear).

Here’s 2011

And here’s 2010

Magnificent Montessa!

This speaks to my recent rant about clean simple reliable and attractive enduro bikes Fantastic build!


When Miguel, the owner, came to us we were finishing our first project, a Kawasaki 1100 ST. He told us he own a 1976 Montesa Enduro 75L that was at his garage out of work for years. He asked us to fix and customize it but preserving the essence of the bike: “i want your touch on it but i wan´t people to say: that´s a montesa enduro…. uhmmm, isn´t it?”
But he ask us to give her our touch, with a modern new vision and in a street tracker style. And he wanted red.
So, we were finishing a thoroughbred horse and now a grasshopper came into our garage, and that was the challenge. Who said grasshoppers aren’t smart?
We made a previous design of the Montesa and we called “Monty”. We decided to paint it in a diferent red, more attracive and glossy, and change the look of this originally not too much nice bike into a smart street tracker but preserving its “spanish soul”. The other thing that we loved of this new proyect was the fact that we´d never seen a Montesa Enduro customized, so we think it was great “Monty” will be the one.

These are some of the specifications:
-Engine rebuilt
-Rear suspension: Marzocchi E81
-Rizoma handlebars
-Solo Seat by Maccomotors
-New head pipe by Maccomotors
-New exhaust custom painted
-New steel side panels by Maccomotors
-New aluminium number plate by Maccomotors
-Mudguards by Maccomotors
-New headlight enduro style
-New rear light
-New grips
-Single tachometer
-Tyres: Front: Pirelli MT013
Rear: Pirelli Scorpion MX (wider size)
-New paint: frame, engine, gas tank, side panels, mudguards, rims and others.

We hope you like it.
Now it´s time for the Triumph Bonneville SE.
Here you have some photos by Sergio Ibarra from Semimate.

PD: I send you a photo of a Montesa Enduro 75 for you to see the change. This is not the one we customized. Monty was a mess and in pieces when we took it. All the customization process is and in the facebook fanpage













Sweet BMW R65 Cafe Project. Before and after.

One that nearly slipped past me with all the recent lag.  Very Nice!


This is my r65 winter project nearly finished it just needs the seat and front brake finishing off hope you like it
and also a pic of how it was when I bought it.

Nearly Finished


The before Pic. Heck of a transformation!

A great “composite military Husky Resto from builder extraordinaire Sam Simmons.

Always goo to hear from Mr Simmons!


I’ve enclosed several shots of my ‘composite replica’ of the
various military models produced by Husqvarna from 1965 thru 1981.
While the true Mil-Huskys were 250cc,I used a 1972 WR450 as the
basis for my project;the intent to capture many of the features
common to all years/models produced
using genuine NOS military pieces sourced from individuals in both
Finland and Sweden..As usual,quite a few parts were ‘scratchbuilt’
from what few photos/info exist for these bikes. To compound
matters further,the WR450 models weren’t particularly popular
Overall,I think it’s a convincing representation of the Husky’s
used in service.

Best Regards,










When a motorcycle becomes art. Steve Mcqueen had a great eye.

With thanks to Bonhams for the photograph and apologies for posting this “post auction”. I don’t do many commercial plugs but when they include such well produce photographs of such beautiful motorcycles I don’t really don’t mind.

They used to abuse the hell out of these bikes “back in the day” and it’s interesting to see them transcend into what are now essentially works of at.

The ex-Steve McQueen1914 Indian Model F Board-Track Racing Motorcycle


The 1914 Indian Model F will join machines from three collections as part of a 240-strong offering of Pioneer, Vintage and Collectors’ motorcycles at the Bonhams sale at the International Classic MotorCycle Show

An early racing motorcycle once owned by legendary Hollywood actor Steve McQueen is to be offered for sale by Bonhams at the International Classic MotorCycle Show in Stafford, UK, on Sunday 28th April.

The 1914 Indian Model F, estimated to realise between £22,000 and £28,000, is an example of a board-track racing motorcycle. These early purpose-built motorcycles lacked a clutch, throttle and brakes, and were push-started and run flat-out – often reaching speeds of up to 100mph – until the end of the race, when the rider would short the magneto to stall the engine.

Restored by a marque specialist, the 4hp machine was purchased by its current owner at a Bonhams auction in Carmel, California, USA, in May 2010, and has since been housed in his private collection.

Ben Walker, Head of the Bonhams Motorcycle Department, said: “The men who raced these early board-track motorcycles were not only pioneers and champions of early motor racing but must also have been incredibly brave. In this age of health and safety the idea of riding at up to 100mph with no helmet or protective clothing, knowing you have no way of stopping in a hurry, is a terrifying thought – but this is what they did.”

The Bonhams Spring Stafford Sale will offer a total of 242 motorcycles, with many coming from private collections.

An eclectic selection of 31 machines owned by the late Clifford Jones features a number of 1950s ‘cafe racers’, as well as much modern-day racing and superbike machinery including several Ducati 916 Sennas and 999 Desmosedici Casey Stoner Replicas.

Some 28 motorcycles from another single-owner collection include 15 Triumphs, from a 1953 Speed Twin to a 1982 TSX, with estimates ranging between £2,000 and £8,000.

Among other sale highlights is a trio of Broughs – including a 1926 Brough Superior SS80/100 (estimate £160,000 – £200,000) and a 1931 SS80 (estimate £50,000 – £70,000) from the same vendor – and an early Brough, a 1921 Model G estimated at £20,000 – £30,000.
Meanwhile the fully-restored ex-works Vincent Black Shadow which formed part of the factory’s bid to set a new 24-hour speed record at Montlhéry in France in May 1952 is estimated to realise between £110,000 and £130,000.

Among an array of Pioneer machines on offer is a largely-untouched 1913 Excelsior 61ci Model 7C Twin from a significant private collection (estimate £35,000 – £45,000), a fully-restored 1913 Rex 896cc V-twin (estimate £18,000 – £22,000), and a restored 1905 Peugeot 3½hp V-twin (estimate £18,000 – £22,000).

Ben Walker continued: “Our annual spring sale at the International Classic MotorCycle Show – our first on the UK auction season calendar – has traditionally been a very successful sale for us.

“We are delighted to return to Stafford with another wide and eclectic offering of important motorcycles, ‘barn-find’ restoration projects and affordable classics.”

Wow… Some Serious Northern Ireland Suzuki and Yamaha 2 stroke action!

I was obviously away from my e-mail for too long as I keep finding more fantastic submittals like this one from Sean Maney. The Suziki is a stunner but that Yamaha reeeeealy speaks to me. Well done sir!

Thought you might like to see some of the recent projects I’ve completed..have done all work myself apart from plating and powdercoating..
Pics of the Suzuki t500 titan I’ve just built..lots and lots of chrome on this bike..totally rebuilt..

The RD400 TZ rep café racer..I monoshocked the frame…fitted tzr125rr front end,rear wheel,brakes etc,,,
Northern Ireland