Magnificent Montessa!

This speaks to my recent rant about clean simple reliable and attractive enduro bikes Fantastic build!


When Miguel, the owner, came to us we were finishing our first project, a Kawasaki 1100 ST. He told us he own a 1976 Montesa Enduro 75L that was at his garage out of work for years. He asked us to fix and customize it but preserving the essence of the bike: “i want your touch on it but i wan´t people to say: that´s a montesa enduro…. uhmmm, isn´t it?”
But he ask us to give her our touch, with a modern new vision and in a street tracker style. And he wanted red.
So, we were finishing a thoroughbred horse and now a grasshopper came into our garage, and that was the challenge. Who said grasshoppers aren’t smart?
We made a previous design of the Montesa and we called “Monty”. We decided to paint it in a diferent red, more attracive and glossy, and change the look of this originally not too much nice bike into a smart street tracker but preserving its “spanish soul”. The other thing that we loved of this new proyect was the fact that we´d never seen a Montesa Enduro customized, so we think it was great “Monty” will be the one.

These are some of the specifications:
-Engine rebuilt
-Rear suspension: Marzocchi E81
-Rizoma handlebars
-Solo Seat by Maccomotors
-New head pipe by Maccomotors
-New exhaust custom painted
-New steel side panels by Maccomotors
-New aluminium number plate by Maccomotors
-Mudguards by Maccomotors
-New headlight enduro style
-New rear light
-New grips
-Single tachometer
-Tyres: Front: Pirelli MT013
Rear: Pirelli Scorpion MX (wider size)
-New paint: frame, engine, gas tank, side panels, mudguards, rims and others.

We hope you like it.
Now it´s time for the Triumph Bonneville SE.
Here you have some photos by Sergio Ibarra from Semimate.

PD: I send you a photo of a Montesa Enduro 75 for you to see the change. This is not the one we customized. Monty was a mess and in pieces when we took it. All the customization process is and in the facebook fanpage














    1. Beautiful bike, I wouldn’t call it a joke by a long shot. A reverse megaphone on a 2 stroke is a new one on me though.

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