Almost forgot! MotoGP is under way!

Shaping up to be a hell of a year.  If you’re stateside set your DRR’s and kickback!  Here’s some of my favorite players and main competitors to watch…

Ben Spies.  The new American hope in his Rookie GP year and showing a LOT of promise…

Lorenzo… now on his own no longer sharing setup info with his fellow team member……

Valentino Rossi.  The Dr. Is in the house and in first place!

But the Aussi Jockey Casey Stoner is off the milk (lactose intolerant apparently) and back in for the long haul.  Unfortunately he crashed out in Qatar but it’s a long season yet to go.

Nicky Hayden.  Sorry Nicky… I love ya but unless they get rid of traction control your slip-slyden dirt track skills will not help you any longer at this level. I wish it weren’t so…  Sure hpoe you prove me wrong though.

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