9 comments on “UPDATE: An Exquisite Reader CB550 Gulf Racing Tthemed Cafe Racer

  1. Hey, sweet bike! I dig all the open spaces. That bike went on a serious diet. Where did you get the headlight & brackets from. I also have a 550 that’s getting itself a little bit cafe’d up. Just having some issues with the lighting/wiring. In Canada it needs all the lights to get registered. Suck!

    • Hey Kip, the headlight is a Lucas bucket with a Bosch H4 lens. The brackets can be found at any site that sells “cafe” parts, or ebay. Just look for 35mm headlight brackets.

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  4. Chris,
    I am terribly late to the conversation, but loving the bike you brought together, well done! Will keep an eye out for it on the roads around Montana.

    • Thank you sir! I spend most of my time in Bozeman, but may be in Great Falls, Helena, or Kalispell this summer. Hope to see you around.

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