A really Excellent CL77 Restoration

Thanks to Matt Krsul. Sorry about the foul-ups. I have a “legendary” (in a bad way) spam filter. Please do keep em coming!

I had sent this before as well as a couple others and never did see anything. I am resending this one.

A complete ground up restoration for a customer on this 1967 CL77 Scrambler. Customer did not want a “Perfect” one, but one he would be comfortable riding as well as showing.
Interesting sidenote: My father started the Honda Dealership in Butte in 1961. I remember Jim buying Honda’s at our family store back then. This was not one of them but a neat story non the less.
I have more bikes to send photos of as time permits.

Matt Krsul

Used 423

Used 425

Used 427


  1. Matt that looks great! I used to be Matt’s Honda rep and I can tell you from experience that Matt is a great guy.

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