Something of a rare sight these days… A Stock 1979 XS650 Special!

Now I don’t want to ruffle any feathers here when I say this (especially since I have a long history of taking somewhat rare bikes and making them “my own” so to speak) but I’ve noticed lately that it’s getting pretty hard to find a nice original XS650 these days. I commented on a thread somewhere recently that it seems like every kid with a Harbor Freight welder and a tractor seat is taking the really nice stock XS’ and chopping the hell out of them… often with less than impressive results. But hey who am I to judge. Anyway I tripped across this stunner of a late model stocker today and it hit me again how unusual it is to see one that hasn’t been hardtailed , streettracked or cafe’d! And lucky for me that SpeedFourJoe over on ADV rider was kind enough to hook me up with his flick page!

He wrote in that:

“It had the “tiller” bars and king and queen seat when I got it. I changed the seat and bars, and then just went through it mechanically, and painted some rusty parts, but mostly just a good cleaning. There are so many modded XS650s out there, it is nice to keep one stock.

Hell of a nice save there Joe! You know if it wasn’t for my 2 stroke addiction I’d probably be all over these bikes! I may have to hunt one down yet.

Here she is in all her glory!

And here’s a few select shots from the flickr page. Hit the link above to see all the work that went into her. Great Job!

Some before and build pics:


  1. Years ago, as a younger man, I left Montreal on one just like this. I did the Maritimes, shot out to Vancouver and on down to L.A.. I came home across the central US. I was gone three months in all. Loved that bike, still one of my all-time favorites.When in Edmonton I changed the high bars for cafe one and a 1/4 Voodoo fairing.Thanks for jogging my memories.

  2. “As a former Montrealer…”
    Yup, we discussed Le Manoir and such in a few e-mails we traded awhile back. I figured that you’de understand about the ride in a way some might not.

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