The latest from Kaffee Maschine. Kaffeemaschine, Guzzi Cafe Racer #6

Some artists work with paint, some with clay or marble and some with steel and chrome. This is humbling for most folks who like to build their own. Leaves me a tad speechless.

The latest from Kaffee Maschine


The bike was built for Brian Cowan (UK), who wanted a pure custom racebike for vintage racing. His preconditions were: fast, red/silver, cast wheels. And he wanted to ride the biker´s classics (next week) with it, so the schedule was tight. If you are there and see him riding his red “Kaffeemaschine” rather slow- he still has to break in his brandnew engine…
That is a modified/tuned V11 unit (1040ccm, 95hp), combined with a 1980 frame- the Guzzi racer was built from single components. Dry weight is 176kg. I modified a LM1 fairing and chose a Magni-shape GFK tank. The fork is a revised Guzzi original with modern dampers and springs, shocks are special Ikon ones, brake components are new and improved. All other parts are handcrafted, as usual.
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One comment

  1. You surely love your Guzzi’s.. I would guess there’s more on your site than anything else. And why not..? I have sent you stuff myself [a vid of a LM mk1 with wire wheels]
    This one however.. in pretty much all departments.. just about takes the biscuit. It is clearly beautiful, and I’m sure it’ll go as good as it looks.
    Fabulous creation.. best looking cafe racer ever..? Who/what could beat a guzzi..?

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