Month: June 2012

The latest from Kaffee Maschine. Kaffeemaschine, Guzzi Cafe Racer #6

Some artists work with paint, some with clay or marble and some with steel and chrome. This is humbling for most folks who like to build their own. Leaves me a tad speechless.

The latest from Kaffee Maschine


The bike was built for Brian Cowan (UK), who wanted a pure custom racebike for vintage racing. His preconditions were: fast, red/silver, cast wheels. And he wanted to ride the biker´s classics (next week) with it, so the schedule was tight. If you are there and see him riding his red “Kaffeemaschine” rather slow- he still has to break in his brandnew engine…
That is a modified/tuned V11 unit (1040ccm, 95hp), combined with a 1980 frame- the Guzzi racer was built from single components. Dry weight is 176kg. I modified a LM1 fairing and chose a Magni-shape GFK tank. The fork is a revised Guzzi original with modern dampers and springs, shocks are special Ikon ones, brake components are new and improved. All other parts are handcrafted, as usual.
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A Moto Guzzi T3 in 750 bodywork.

Here is my 1976 T3 Moto Guzzi in 750s body work for you to post. I had it on display at the art gallery I own with friends. We did a show last summer called art and the motor cycle.


Water Gallery Lansdale
Dresher Arcade #5
319 W. Main Street
Lansdale PA 19446

Cafe Sporty.

I don’t post many of these but I do like them generally.  In this case the description was so honest I couldn’t resist.

Jim ~~
Attached is a pic of my identity-challenged naked, flat track, super moto, cafe chaser. Lot of fun to ride.
Love your site, keep up the great work.

Hermit hold

I might go for different colored wheels but different strokes and all that.  Would definitely be a fun back roads scoot.

A nice reader ride “Wanderlust” BMW R100S

Bob Writes in:
Love the site, always one of the first I visit every morning with my coffee- kudos to you!
 But I thought I’d send in a pic of a barn-find I snagged last year.
It’s a 1977 BMW R100S in the hills by my house here in Colorado… and obviously, I dig it!
It’s my daily driver and after a fair amount of work (after sitting for years) it runs like a champ!
 Cheers! And keep up the good work!

Wow!  that is some “barn find”!  As a Florida native I get so jealous of you folks living in the hills.  Great stuff!