TX750 Yamaha – Cafe racer

Nice build. If I had $2k and I liked this engine more I’d go buy it. Clean and nothing over the top. For Sale Locally.  No I don’t know the bike or the owner.



  1. Unfortunately the engine had issues, most of it being that the quality of American oil which was twenty years behind the oil available in Japan. North American oil foamed immediately as the oil passed next to one of the counter balancer weights. The issue was not as severe in Europe as they had better quality oil. In true Japanese fashion the engineer found a solution to the problem. In Germany of all places there is a large following for this bike. You either love it or loath it. The counter balancer upgrade chain tightner retro fit is a work of art. This was the first production motorcycle to use a plane bearing. Everyone followed suit after the production of this bike. For it’s failings it pushed motorcycle manufacturing forward.

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