A Nice Fathers Day ride on the Trusted DR Motard.

A Spectacular day n my old and faithful DR65 motard.  Even though Northeast Florida is no twisty  mecca with elevation changes we still have a few nice scenic loops here and there.  For my Fathers day getaway I took the river road (SR13) south from Jacksonville and cut over some wide open farmland through St Augustine and back up the coast road (A1a).  It’s actually a really nice 100 mile loop with plenty of places to stretch your legs along with some excellent eateries and watering holes along the way.  I really need to get out there more often.  It’s a LOT nicer than I generally give it credit for.  Anyway these were spur of the moment with an old camera phone.  Sorry about that.  Next time I’ll “show it off” a little better than this.  If you’re ever around Northeast Florida and want to go for a nice loop drop me a line and I’ll get you the routes.


And Happy Fathers Day to all you dads out there.  I hope you got out for a ride!





One comment

  1. Steve, those are actually really nice shots, you made the NE look good. The Spanish Moss covered trrees is something unique to see as you start to go north from Ft.Lauderdale.

    Regards from Holland my friend,


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