Month: June 2012

An interesting 1979 XL 500 Motard(ish) Tracker(ish) build.

Laurent Huille sends in this intriguing build. I had a build like this in mind a few years back when one almost fell into my lap.  I would have gone in a different direction with the exhaust and headlight I think but this shows that it could have worked.

I’m a French biker
This 1979 XLS 500 is my second “self custom bike” (pardon pour mon anglais approximatif!)
Have a good day!

A before and after pic.

Outstanding Honda mini clone “Spencer Replica” by DeakCraft Motorcycles

Look closely..  That’s not a one thousand.  It’s a one hundred.

Hat Tip to the Italian Racing Cafe Blog for scoring this one.  There’s some good links to more info on their post so check em out.   I don’t often get material directly from other blogs but this is a rare exception since many of you may not have it on your rotation.  I would LOVE to do one of these out of a small 2 stroke in an old GP style.  Too cool.

A bueatifully restored 1965 Kawasaki W650 SS (or is it a W2?)

Update: Just got a FB comment that this is probably referred to as a W2. Did a little research and this appears to be correct.

I almost missed this one rushing through a recent Riding Into History album. I’ve always really liked the look of these and there is a very interesting history behind these bikes See more pics and info HERE. In a nutshell it’s an improved copy of a copy of a BSA A7 by a company that merged with/was acquired by Kawasaki. I’ve heard good things about them but never ridden one. The “modernized” versions of these which had a brief appearance in the showrooms here are (along with the W800’s) unfortunately no longer available in the US. Shame since Triumph seem to have really made that segment work here with the Bonneville lineup.

An Ariel Square Four Featherbed (and an excellent gallery).

Fantastic Gallery from Mr. Vince Fyie

More pictures – took these today at the Gilmore Museum Vintage Motorcycle Day.

Thank you very much sir.

Is there anything they won’t put into a featherbed frame? I’ve heard of them but I think this is the first I’ve seen… or for sure the nicest.

Here are som othe great shots well worth checking out.