An Ariel Square Four Featherbed (and an excellent gallery).

Fantastic Gallery from Mr. Vince Fyie

More pictures – took these today at the Gilmore Museum Vintage Motorcycle Day.

Thank you very much sir.

Is there anything they won’t put into a featherbed frame? I’ve heard of them but I think this is the first I’ve seen… or for sure the nicest.

Here are som othe great shots well worth checking out.

New (and continuing) addition to the photo gallery page.

I’m going to be gradually transferring all my assorted photo albums that were lost when the Village Photos hosting company vanished (along with about 1500 or so of my older uploaded photos). This was last nights effort. Today’s upload is from the 2008 Riding Into History Motorcycle show and charity event. Regular readers might recognize a LOT of these bikes from older posts. There’ll be more galleries on the way as time permits. Click on the image to go to the gallery. Enjoy!

Riding Into History – May 2008

Really interesting Museum / Collection of bikes.

Thanks to Kenneth Pantling who writes in with an interesting album…

This place is in North Walsham, Norfolk, UK, about 6 miles from where I live. It is really the storage area/collection for a couple of guys who do restorations. They charge a very modest amount just to look around but it’s worth every penny.

Norfolk Motorcycle Museum

Reader submittal. A nice slideshow from the UK.

I’m a newbie to the blog but I’m enjoying it very much. These pictures were taken at local meetings here in Norfolk UK on two successive years. I hope they’re of interest, I’m afraid I’m not much of a photographer.

Kenneth Pantling

Nice shots Kenneth! Thanks Much! I like the Scott Flying Squirrel! Well ahead of it’s time!

A nice reader gallery from the 2010 Mid Ohio show.

Vince Fyie sent in a collection of great pics from the 2010 Mid Ohio motorcycle show/races/swapmeet as well as some nice shots of his granddaughter racing on the Salt Flats for the first time. This is a bit of an experiment with the gallery function. Hope it works OK.. Please let me know if this acts up on any browsers or assorted phones and devices out there and I’ll see what I can do.

Thanks folks!