Oooh Baby! The latest “kit bike” from RYCA motors.

Another Suzuki Savage based kit (this time a street tracker) from the folks over at RYCA.  I’m already a big fan of their cafe bike and a big fan of 650 thumpers.  I may just have to save up a little coin towards one of these.  Really freaking cool.






  1. Beautiful bike. Reminds me of a late ’60’s Honda Scrambler. The tank stripe and side panel “650” badges especially. I’d worry that the exhaust pipe would overheat the rear shock and render it useless dampening-wise.

    My understanding is that Suzuki Savage mill only makes about 35 anemic horsepower. It’s a 650, but the donor Savage is basically meant to be a beginner’s bike.

  2. 35Hp isn’t bad if it’s got torque. On a bike that light it’s be a kick in the pants. I wonder if a DR650 lump would fit in there. You can get 50 reliable HP out of one with not too much trouble. It would pull like a truck.

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