mystery bike

Reader historical bike photo ID request.

I missed this in my spam filter back on Nov 26 (sorry about that David). I’m not a vintage expert by any means but I swear that tank is a Super X. See this pic HERE. Just a guess though. Anyone else?

This photo is of a family member of mine way back in the day in Sweden and I have not been able to identify the manufacturer even when using a magnifying glass. Can anyone identify this bike?

Dave Ingels

Martin Fredriksson and Elsa to the left

A fairly radical Yamaha based “XTX” cafe mystery bike…

UPDATE: LINK TO THE BUILD THREAD Thank you Eric from the comments!

Over the years I’ve started following different photo albums on the web and I get periodic e-mail updates on activity. I’ve lost track of who’s who but every once in a while I get a nice surprise. This bike has a more complete album over on Google Picasa HERE. I have no further information other than the pictures. Can anyone name that engine? BIG single cylinder liquid cooled Yamaha. I don’t think it’s a US sold model.




UPDATE! Mystery bike. I have no clue.

We have a winner from the comments:
Chris Saddler Sam commented:

DKW Hummel Victoria (google it!)

Hell of a catch!


Warren Wood sends in this mystery bike… Interesting but not a clue on my part.

Mystery bike in Paranesti,Thrace, Greece. —also— my ancient [1989?] Honda AX1 250cc while on tour of the Rodolpi Mts, same area.

A hugely underappreciated little Honda

Mystery “bike”.

Frank Robyn-Fuhrmeister writes in:

“Look what I found today in font of the OBI building supplies store
A Victoria bike with a Motor. Built in the 50ies with only 1 hp.”

I have to confess that I’d love to own something like this. Cruising around Jacksonville Beach on one of these would be a blast. I know there are modern versions that you can add to an existing bike but it’s lack the character that this one has. Maybe the coolest exhaust pipe EVER! LOL Cool stuff! Thanks Frank!