A fairly radical Yamaha based “XTX” cafe mystery bike…

UPDATE: LINK TO THE BUILD THREAD Thank you Eric from the comments!

Over the years I’ve started following different photo albums on the web and I get periodic e-mail updates on activity. I’ve lost track of who’s who but every once in a while I get a nice surprise. This bike has a more complete album over on Google Picasa HERE. I have no further information other than the pictures. Can anyone name that engine? BIG single cylinder liquid cooled Yamaha. I don’t think it’s a US sold model.





  1. Definitely a “new ” Yamaha 660 single cylinder (4 valves,fuel injection).As installed in XTZ/XTX models,also in the TenerĂ©,some Aprilias ,etc.
    Can’t put a name on that frame…
    French licence plate, from the area of Marseilles (bouches du rhone).

  2. It appaes that it’s the original frame:
    hope the link works!

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