I’m crossing a line today. I don’t often ridicule ANYONES motorcycle…. but…

I’m a firm believer in different strokes etc.. there are genres that I don’t post often (choppers/streetfighters etc) but it does not mean I don’t have enormous respect them. There are true artists in every segment of motorcycledom. But hey… they’re just not my “thing” s I don’t often post on them.

Maybe I’m salty today because THIS!! This hideous THING!! Bllleachhughvomit!!! I can’t think of a single image that better encapsulates everything that was “wrong” (yes that is just MY opinion) with the OCC/Jesse James/”Biker build-off of the week” custom chopper craze of the last decade. I can’t believe it’s still going on in some circles. What an absolute stain on the face of the earth. And it’s probably never even run. Here’s the link to the actual auction while it lasts. $197,000 folks and it can be all yours. Enjoy!

cat bike



  1. Agree with you 100% Bikes should be built to ride. This one was built for TV and only ridden at sturgis. (A distilled example of everything repulsive in motorcycle culture)

  2. It’ okay fella, I’m more than happy to criticise it for the over-styled, over priced, piece of dross that it it undoubtedly is (IMO). I mean just look at the primary drive cover. Having said that, all power to OCC for pulling off some of the most cynical marketing stunts ever on two or four wheels. Doesn’t mean is worth $200K but. Or even $20K. If little kids could ride big bikes, it would be an AWESOME Christmas present!

  3. I don’t know anything about this particular bike, but usually OCC makes bikes like this for companies to use as part of their advertising for their product(s). That’s why they tend to be garish, and why OCC can charge so much for them, because they are advertising and paid for out of a company’s advertising budget. Such bikes that don’t even necessarily have to be runners. They exist just to be shown.

    The really interesting question to me is why Caterpillar is getting rid of this bike and why they feel that they need to ask so much for it. (They may have spent $1/4 mil for it, but that cost should have come out of an advertising budget. They should now be selling it at a discount to liquidate it.) Makes one wonder if Caterpillar decided that they hate the bike and/or that it is worthless for advertising purposes and they haven’t recouped their investment in it. Hopefully it’s not that Caterpillar is hurting financially and needs to raise cash.

    1. If Caterpillar was so far gone that they needed 200 grand desperately, the world would have heard by now. I suspect an unexpected influx of good taste at corporate headquarters.

  4. Well put Zach.. and no.. the earth does not move. I’m sure that it was a way to “image” market the company. I have to wonder how badly a company like that needed it though? Seems more like an executive wanted an expensive toy to brag about… whatever… it’s still ugly.

  5. It does seem to clash with the brand image: “Caterpillar- We make the most reliable equipment to get the job done with no-nonsense and absolutely well engineered utilitarianism, with a solid support system of standardized overbuilt parts. As a symbol of that philosophy- here is an un-rideable bike that will need constant service, that was designed as it was hurriedly thrown together by some slobs yelling at each other in order to satisfy an aesthetic idea conceived in a couple of days.”

    I know if I was considering getting a Kubota excavator, seeing a picture of some stripper in Sturgis stroking the tiny gas tank would convince me to buy Caterpillar instead. Maybe I’d buy Hitachi heavy based on their motorcycle parts, many of which are OEM on excellent sport and touring bikes. Tokico makes suspension and brakes, and is a subsidiary of Hitachi heavy industries. I’ve got their suspension on my car.

  6. Surprisingly this did not sell.

    Jump right on it guys though, ebay was helpful enough to put a link in the listing” Have one to sell? Sell it yourself.” So if anyone else has one of these, you can use that listing as a template.

    I also love that this is in the description. We have improved a few items that were missed during construction but the bike is great.

    ‘OOps, we charged you something over $200K to build a bike. Sorry we didn’t have time to put all the parts on.’ The good news is we have some concept sketches with our autographs.

    I have a feeling most of the radical custom choppers would get about the same amount of milles on them if they never got chains or drive belts installed. They are for making noise when you rev them in the driveway.

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