9 comments on “Reader historical bike photo ID request.

  1. Steve,

    I tried to leave a comment but couldn’t get access.

    This wonder is a circa 1910 Excelsior V Twin, fastest bike in the world at the time, 1st bike to exceed 100mph. Started in 1905 in Chicago. Purchased by Schwinn in 1911.

    I have attached a couple of photos I have.

    Hope this helps


    Kerry M Maloney

    12 Aspect Lane

    Cranbourne North

    Victoria Australia,

  2. Thanks to everyone for identifying this unknown bike! The photo is my mother’s Uncle Martin Fredrikssen in Sweden probably around 1920-23 before my grandparents immigrated to the U.S. from Sweden. I appreciate Uncle Martin for possessing the motorcycling DNA that thankfully passed on to me.

  3. Uncle Martin is sitting on a chain drive Excelsior 7-C (1913-14?) earlier models were belt driven like in the video. NO expert here either but lots of info out there on the intertube. Thanks for giving us the
    idea to expand.

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