Mystery “bike”.

Frank Robyn-Fuhrmeister writes in:

“Look what I found today in font of the OBI building supplies store
A Victoria bike with a Motor. Built in the 50ies with only 1 hp.”

I have to confess that I’d love to own something like this. Cruising around Jacksonville Beach on one of these would be a blast. I know there are modern versions that you can add to an existing bike but it’s lack the character that this one has. Maybe the coolest exhaust pipe EVER! LOL Cool stuff! Thanks Frank!


  1. Krusik engine, former Yugoslavia. The serrated wheel just pressed onto the rear tire when you wanted the drive, The whole engine was swing witha a lever either to press on the tire or to stand aloof. Simple, cheap, lightweight, worked great.

  2. I’d give anything to open that side case . Rotary valve ? A work of art ? We used to build our own using a Schwinn springer bike then welding plate over back wheel for a hrorizontal shaft Briggs and Stratton with centrifugal clutch. All this was hooked up via belt to a Whizzer sheave attached to spokes.

    1. There are kits on the market to mount small gas engines and electric motors on bicycles. One company has the motor contained in the front wheel hub! Might be cool to get one of Christiani’s 2-wheel drive bicycles and motorize that…I’ve got an old mountain bike chassis which is currently serving as “yard art”, but haven’t decided whether to motorize it with electric or gas.

  3. I m guessing an English bike engine kit from 1950. Common item due to gas being not cheap and still controlled. From the V it might even be a vickors engine . They made motorcycle engine from 1910 onwards. Used in many different make of motorcycles. Theres even a website that show most of the brands.

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