A (sadly) nearly forgotten Moto Guzzi. The V65 TT.

Ed Sander writes in with this nearly forgotten classic. With all the various scramblers and adventure bikes that BMW and Triumph are coming out with these days a modernized version of something like this would really make sense.

I recently saw a cute Guzzzi V7 scrambler as a new Buzzi offering. got me thinking . They might consider re making the V65 TT. It too was based on the same small block architecture as the V7. Thought I would send you a photo of mine , as a reminder of a nearly forgotten machine. A regular rider after all these years. The bigger displacement torquier modern engine would transform this machine from good to truly excellent machine. Come on Moto Guzzi.. Piaggio Thanks Ed Sander

That’s one heck of a daily rider! Thanks Ed!

One comment

  1. Those are nice bikes. Thank you, Ed. Nice to see it in its element. A Guzzi doesn’t like sitting on the rug looking out the door any more than your dog does.

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