Gorgeous 1976 Moto Guzzi LeMans series 1.

Jordan sends in this stunner of a Guzzi.

This is a 1976 Moto Guzzi LeMans series 1 that has had extensive work done by Rennsport.The engine has all the upgrades popular for the day.Dual plug heads ,rods,pistons,cam etc.Chromed BUB axhaust ,aftermarket mufflers.obviously custom paint reminscent of the 750S3 and 1000S.




  1. As Ernie says.. WOW!
    In the day, this bike and the Ducati 900ss were my very favourites and sadly I’ve never owned either. $£wise, they got away from me and became [used] rather expensive.. but the LM is a fabulous looking bike.
    Funny, they give such scope for cafe-racer customizing to the best standards, like this, or utter disasters.. depending on your taste.. and point of view. In the day, Sports Motorcycles of Manchester [Hailwoods IOM sponsors] used to race one in red with green/white stripes as on the old S3. Lovely bike.
    This one, I would have to remove the slip-ons and use the original pattern [tho’ in ss], otherwise..
    wonderful. Yes please.

  2. As a ps:
    I meant to add to my above post:
    1] Is the seat a Corbin Gunfighter.. suits the LM so much better than any other I’ve ever seen. The factory certainly didn’t do it that well.. IMHO.
    2] Can we have some more photo’s of this bike if you have them..? PLEASE.
    Thank you, again, for your work for all of us. When you had your few days away recently.. MY[?] posts from you were a big miss.. I so enjoy them.

  3. All of this and it’s kept in the house. Now that is real class!!! If only my front door was wide enough :o)

  4. congratulations!! I want my LM1 to look half the nice as this!! great job. I will post some pics of mine soon.

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