Month: April 2012

Before and After!! A Stunning 1966 Ducati 160 Monza Jr.

Now THAT”S a save! Hard to believe it’s the same bike. For more shots of the bike in process take a few minutes and check out his gallery pages. There’s a lot of other excellent Ducati shots there as well. Nicely done Craig!

Craig Kenfield writes in:

I saw a link to your site on Ductalk which led to some before and after photos of a Ducati single. Here’s my version of a similar bike… it’s a 1966 Ducati 160 Monza Jr that was restyled using older Ducati bodywork.

After spending too many years working on it on and off I finally got it back on the road just in time for the vintage bike festival at Barber Motorsports last year. With about 15 miles on the bike we threw it on the trailer and drove 13 hours to get there. Took it off the trailer and it ran great all weekend.

Secret Norton restoration video. I posted this when it came out but it makes me ponder a grander philosophical question.

This is one of the all time great Christmas motorcycle present video’s ever.   It chronicles how two sons secretly restored an old Norton that (while obviously cherished by their father) was sitting in boxes in his basement.  When they surprise him with it he completely chokes up.  It’s a really great story with a heartwarming ending.

But it makes me wonder, why do we let so many great memories that we cherish so dearly and which bring us such joy waste away in out basements and garages?  nine times out of ten it’s not the money.   Are we lazy?  Do we think we’re immortal?

I don’t know…  Anyway, if you have an old project sitting in a shed or basement or rental unit, go fix the damm thing and enjoy it while you still can.  You really can’t take it with you.



Quirky little custom Honda

Ron Machette sent in some pics of his cool little Honda project.

Hi mate. I’ve been busy ,this is my Honda cub 70 I put Chaly wheels and handlebars st70 forks, seat off a Monkey bike, bates front light. It goes really nice and it just passe the MOT so I’ve been cruising round the streets. People are not sure what bike it is. It’s a 1975 and only cost a couple of hundred quid Still got the other one too cheers Ron!