I’m slammed again this weekend (sorry) so here are three fantastic bikes in one post from Andy at Gunar Engineering in “sunny” England!.. Enjoy!

Here’s a few photos from sunny England.

Use ’em if they’re good enough, my apologies if they don’t pass muster. I’m an engineer not a photographer, and a big fan of your site.

The Moto Martin is one of my bikes, just had it’s n’th rebuild in my 20 year ownership.

The Harleys are mine and my wifes daily rides, pics taken in Italy last year.

The Triumph is a clients bike that I built last year.

Andy Smith
Gunar Engineering

Rally fantastic bike!. Thanks Very Much Andy! And keep them coming!

Moto Martin

Harley Davidson



And one hell of a Triumph




  1. There’s no such thing as “sunny” England. I say the guy’s photos are Photoshopped! 😉

    Awesome looking rides, man. Very very cool.

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