5 comments on “I know I don’t post a lot of custom Harleys….

  1. Well, I see lots of Harleys, and this one isn’t all that handmade. The exhaust is aftermarket, with a different muffler. Daytec or Paughco frame with about 32 degree rake, off-the-shelf billet air filter, brakes, forks, trees, belt drive, controls, pegs; early tailite molded in nicely. Nice paint. Tanks are either stock or aftermarket, not handmade; same with fenders (unless you watched them being made). They appear to be narrowed and recountoured, if that means homemade to you. Seat is too big for the bike, and butt-ugly. What could they be thinking when putting a 21 on the rear, with 130+ hp and at least 100 # torque? With a 2″ under wide glide and dropped rear, I bet it bottoms out easily, too. Put a 16″ or 17″ rear solid wheel and 4″ into the forks, a sprung solo sead and pad, and it’s a whole ‘nother ballgame; it becomes rideable! . $30,000 or so into it, probably. Weighs 650+ #; too heavy. I’ll stick with my 460 # Sportster w/ 80 hp.

    • Harold, The closest item you have correct is the rake which is 34 degrees. As far as “off the shelf” components, sure the controls are high quality Jay Brake. The fenders, tanks, swing arm frame are all custom made by Jim and are hand formed with a Yoder metal former. The fenders are not narrowed down stockers but started life as a flat piece of steel. The exhaust is custom built stainless with sensors for the injection, and even tho the air breather looks similar to something you may have seen, it too was built by Jim. It doesn’t bottom out and rides beautifully and is valued at way more that the stated $30,000.

      I can appreciate your taste and your Sportster but this example of custom Harley work has been scrutinized by some of the finest builders in the country and were “wowed” by the extensive craftsmanship details even tho at first look it appears, as Steve said, a “breathed on softail”.

      There is a 23″ wheeled version of this in the making currently as well.

      Steve, Thank you for posting this and your comments, and for a fine, looked at every day, blog!
      More of our budget builds and and 2-strokes coming.

  2. Fair enough Harold. Like I said I don’t see many Harleys. But by home made I wasn’t really implying hand formed etc. although there ARE a lot of nice examples of that out there.

  3. I build custom bikes, and whichever way you slice it that bike has some nice work on it. My only question is why he’s giving HD the credit for it. In the same way that I wouldn’t pay to walk around with Nike across my chest, I wouldn’t invest upwards of 30k and a years shop time creating a bike that uses no HD parts then put their name on it. Just an opinion, don’t hang me for it.

  4. Harold, you are a jackass. I have seen this very bike, and others from the same builder. your wife’s sportster has nothing on any of them. jim has the nicest work I have ever seen in the Midwest at shows, bikenights, etc…

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