A great video cataloging the building of an awesome XS650 street tracker.

From Andreas Mikkelsen! This is no run of the mill build. The work that goes into this bike is amazing. The headlight is a work of art all by itself. And click through to check out the rest of the videos on Vimeo. Great stuff.

Hi mcpotd
A little surprised to see myself on your site 🙂 , thought I’d let you know that I also built the streetbike you can see in one of the other
videos made by Supermotard DK, this spring I want to have made some pro photos of the bike, ill
send them to you.

Keep up the good work on your cool site.

Bedst regards from daily reader, Andreas Mikkelsen

Flat Track Bike Build from Supermotard Denmark on Vimeo.



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