The Cycle World "Budget Build" E-bay special Street Tracker from last months issue.

I read the article on this bike and while it’s a cool project I think it really skewed things a lot having the owner / builder of Mule Motorcycles essentially create this bike. I’d wager that it’d be a little tough for even a good amateur to put a bike like this together for $8500. Not without falling into a LOT of lucky deals on parts. It’s stil a cool ride though.

Credit and thanks to to to suzukijo for the pics…

Reader Ride! Beautiful Custom Moto Guzzi

George Dockray sends in some pictures of this beautiful Moto Guzzi frankenstien Cafe.

George Writes:

I noticed that you like Guzzis of the hot-rodded sort, so I thought that I would send you some shots of one that I concocted that might described as “what happens when you heat the garage”
It’s a mixture of various components – ’75 frame, ’78 engine, 80’s-ish gearbox, 2001 clutch, ’95 forks, 80’s wheel hubs. The tank & seat is from Manel Segarra in Spain. Pain color from a 2002 Guzzi V11 “Tenni”. Fairing is a re-pop of a Magni. Instrument panel, exhaust, battery box, electrical system / wiring by me. Used to work on rebuilding wrecked airplanes so hence the riveted structure and airplane-style wiring.
Took 2 1/2 years to build and as much fun as you can have with your clothes on ………………………..

Thanks Much George! Another Beautiful Guzzi!