Reader Ride! Beautiful Custom Moto Guzzi

George Dockray sends in some pictures of this beautiful Moto Guzzi frankenstien Cafe.

George Writes:

I noticed that you like Guzzis of the hot-rodded sort, so I thought that I would send you some shots of one that I concocted that might described as “what happens when you heat the garage”
It’s a mixture of various components – ’75 frame, ’78 engine, 80’s-ish gearbox, 2001 clutch, ’95 forks, 80’s wheel hubs. The tank & seat is from Manel Segarra in Spain. Pain color from a 2002 Guzzi V11 “Tenni”. Fairing is a re-pop of a Magni. Instrument panel, exhaust, battery box, electrical system / wiring by me. Used to work on rebuilding wrecked airplanes so hence the riveted structure and airplane-style wiring.
Took 2 1/2 years to build and as much fun as you can have with your clothes on ………………………..

Thanks Much George! Another Beautiful Guzzi!


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