A seriously trick Honda CB550 Four Cafe Racer.

Saw this over on ADV Rider. The owner posted the following description of the build.

My bike started life as a ’75 SS, in good condition really.
My bike took about six months to build.
Just finished in June of ’09.

Its a concept bike, the CR550 F Factory.
I was going for the factory built race/sport bike that Honda never built.
People have asked what year it is and how many were produced.
Mission accomplished.

Just a few highlights.

Bimota swingarm w/eccentric chain adjusters
18″ front wheel
Buchannan wheels (Excell)
Dual disc w/calipers flipped to the rear.
CR ‘style’ bodywork
Dual petcocks
Swarbrick exhaust! (now ceramic coated)
Oil cooler (Earls)
Tarozzi clip-ons
Steering damper
Modern shocks (YSS), adjustable damping
Fork internals (Race Tech gold valve emulators)
Dyna ignition/coils
400F gauges
Sprocket Specialists +3 rear sprocket with 520 chain
Many bosses/mounts removed and many added
Powdercoating, paint and finishes brought back to better than new in some cases.
Wiring is stock appearing in all areas.
The motor is stock for now.
The airbox is opened up and a Uni filter is used.

Paint is Ferrari red w/gold metalflake stripe (gotta keep it 70’s!).

It rides solid, turns in well and feels easy to push in the corners (for an older bike).

The Swarbricks howl! Soul stirring in a garage lol.
Loud at idle, and beautiful racket through the gears.
And now fully jetted, it pulls all gears to redline
(I haven’t fully topped out 5th but it was pulling well)
Just wicked exhaust – got that Honda RC sound.

One comment

  1. Very sweet piece. Those in the know from that era will tell you that the 550-4 was the best of the Honda 4-cylinder platforms between it and the original 750 and the 350 that was introduced later. Trick and sano build here–great job!

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