Reader Submittal. XS650 Cafe From Bogota.

Very Nice! He Writes:

Hello my name is Camilo Pinzon Im a motorcycle designer from Bogota,Colombia, Im starting my business down here, Love cafe racers and bobbers this is my first proyect, hope you like it, I have more bikes will send you pictures soon.



  1. Hello Camilo, beautiful job on the Cafe Racer. I also live in Bogota, Colombia. And i’ve been looking for someone down here that builds them. I would love to get one. please email me. so we can get in contact.
    -Robin Dalehite

  2. Hi Camilo,
    VERY nice bike!!
    So nice that I am beginning to build one just like yours for myself… Hope you don’t mind… 🙂

    After looking at thousand of pictures on the Internet, I choose your bike as a model.

    My next one will be a street tracker type.. Do not hesitate to add pictures if you build one… 🙂

    Martin (from Canada).

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