Some KTM and BMW wanderlust!

Well alright! I think we’re getting the hang of this! I had a chance to buy a nice GS/PD a while back and I’m still kicking myself for passing on it. Pics like this don’t make me feel any better about it.. Tom where is that? Looks fantastic!

One for your wanderlust series I like to call “HAZARDS MAY EXIST THAT ARE NOT MARKED”

Thanks for the great web site!

Thanks for the great pics!

Fantastic Penton / KTM "Oldie" Jack Pine Special Supermoto.

Double post from the two-stroke page.

I get some good traffic over here from the PentonUSA.org folks so every now and then I like to go over and see what they’re up to.  Great bunch of folks and if you’re even remotely interested in old Penton or KTM motorcycles (or any old dirtbike from that era) then go pay em a vist.  Great Stuff!

Anyway while I was snooping around over there I stumbled across this beauty.  I love this sort of treatment.   I was very tempted to buy a similarly built bike a while back that was based on an XT500.  It’s one of the styles of bikes that really shine when “modernized”.  Power should NOT be a problem and I imagine she handles brilliantly.

Mr JC Hubbard had the breakdown in his post as follows:
 ’77 Penton 175 Engine with Lectron Carb

’77 Penton MC5 Frame & Tank
’80 KTM 175 Swingarm
’89 KTM GS 125 Forks, Wheels, Brakes
’78 KTM Torque Pipe
Trail Tech Cannondale Odo/Speedo
Magura Hymec Hydraulic Clutch
Magura 167 Front Brake Master
Kenda Tires
“Not mine, but a Very Unique project that I’ve helped my neighbor with. BTW,,,It’s STREET LEGAL and is rode almost everyday, in nice weather!!”
Saw this on ktmtalk.com…In the “Oldie” Section Can’t believe it — but it’s real…

Thanks Gents!