Reader Submittal

Reader Ride. Sweet 1973 BMW R75/5

Vince Anderson Sends in this beauty of a BMW:

1973 BMW R75/5 (Long Wheel Base).
33,000 miles from new (unrestored, original).
Matching numbers.

Parts and accessories for vintage British motorcycles
Dealer/collector of antique, American-made, mechanical pocket watches

Reader Ride! 1979 CX500 Cafe Racer.

Don Shores sends in his latest:
Just finished the Cafe project, 1979 CX500, epoxy primer, 2 into one exhaust, a few billet pieces, equaled a fun winter project.

Had to clean up the garage a little, while they were out I took a picture of the “BOYS” all together Have a great evening, I check out your site daily and enjoy all of the different rides.
Thx Don

Nice bike and great stable. Thanks Don!

Reader Ride. A slightly unscrambled scrambler?

Wow I like this bike. I’ve always preferred the higher stance of the scrambler and thought it would work well on a standard Bonnie. And I think this bike proves the point.

Ian from Suffolk, England writes in:
Hi Steve,
Glad the site is still going strong!
I sent you a pic of my Scrambler last year, in it’s second guise…..
Today, I attach pics of the latest incarnation, and for interest include a photo of the bike when I bought it new in 2006, plus one of the bike in 08.
I hope you approve of the changes!
Best regards,

Indeed I do Ian! I really need to just buy one of these. I sure stare at them enough..

the before pic…

Reader Ride. A sweet BMW R51/3

Brian Bold sends in this nicely modded BMW.  While I’m not an old school BMW expert by any stretch I know what I like and I love the style and line.

Here are some pictures of my BMW R51/3
The fairing is a Peel, Hoske tank and mufflers, Dellorto SS1 carbs. A lot of fun to ride, now it needs to just stop raining so I can spend more then 20 minutes around the neighborhood between rain.

The before pic..

What a save! A reader ride Norton restoration.

With apologies to Damon Wells.  I received this on March 23’rd and had the post all written up it somehow got placed in the “draft” category and never got posted.   Shame on me and sorry about that sir.   Here she is at last.


Damon Wells writes in:
Hi, thought I’d send in a couple of pics of my bike I took today, and one I took 15 years ago. When I got it in ’96 it was a wrecked chopper with a seized engine. The guy I bought it from had started collecting new parts to fix it up, so I already had a head start. The forks were bent in far enough that despite being 4 inches longer, the wheelbase was shorter than stock! Once I got it home and freed the engine (seized rings), I cleaned up the single Mikuni carb, and got it started before disassembling it down to the frame. I borrowed a camera from a co-worker after pulling the bent front end and the Dunstall rear sets, which I still have. Why a chopper had rear sets is beyond me, but considering the state it was in, not much would have surprised me.

Since then, I’ve replaced just about everything but the frame, tank, crankcase, crank, rods, pistons, cylinder head, gearbox case and the hubs. It’s got a Megacycle cam, oversized valves, Boyer ignition, Magura master cylinder, alloy rims, Bosch halogen headlight and lots of other little mods and tweaks. I stopped counting how much money I have in it a long time ago, I’m probably better off not knowing!
Keep up the good work, love the site.
Damon Wells
Houston, TX

Damon that is outstanding! It’s got a great line to it. I think you found the perfect handlebars for it. It’s just plain right. I know you never “really” get the dollars back but the satisfaction of a save like this is a feeling that’s well worth it. Congratulations on a great build.

The before pic. Damm…

UPDATE: Reader Submittal. A “Carbon Fiber CBX…

Redbird posted a good link to more pics in the comments section over on Do The Ton.  Check it out.  And Thanks Redbird!



Kurt sends in this stunner from a local bike night of his:

Steve, I love your blog, please keep up the great work! This is a insane carbon-fiber CBX I took pics of at our local bike night at Pinellas Park , Fl Quaker Steak on 2-23-11. This spot draws 1000’s of bikes on a good night. sorry I don’t have more info for you. I’ve got more pics of various nights if you’d like some.
Thanks again,Kurt

There’s a lot of love in that bike.  That swingarm is a nice touch too.  I’m curious about the tank. Is that solid Carbon fiber or is it an overlay? Looks trick either way but a real CF tank would be quite a build.
Thanks Kurt.

Reader rides. A Fantastic Collection of Offroad Bikes.

Reader Don Shores sends in the fantastic pics of his collection. I’d be insanely thrilled to own any of these much less the collection. Really excellent bikes Don. thanks much for sharing them.

He writes in with the following:

A 1974 CZ Falta Replica 250cc,

1982 KTM 495, break your leg starting, if not careful!

And here’s a couple more AJS Stromer 250

Rickman 125 Zundapp.

I start my day with your site!!

Thanks again Don!