Update: (missed a good pic) Very Nice Low Budget Chop From the Netherlands.

More proof that you don’t need big money or big horsepower to build a cool ride.

Bjorn Writes in:

He hello my name is Bjorn I’m 20 years old and I’m from the Netherlands. I’m a regular visitor of your site. And i love it especially the frequent updates i digg. I have a picture of my motorcycle as well, hopefully you like it.

I bought it as a stock Honda shadow vt600 but right from the start i knew I was going to chop it. Because i dont like stock stuff in general. I bought this Honda because i wanted a vtwin but because of legislation here in the Netherlands you cannot ride a bike with more than 25 kW (34 hp) if you are under 21 years old. since i was 19 at the moment i had to buy a bike with this power restriction and this bike has 34 hp stock.
I tried to make as much of the components myself from the handlebars to the stainless steel exhaust, sidecovers and everything in between, because i didn’t want to buy shit out of catalogs because everybody can do that. I could use the lathe and mill at my school to machine parts. And my little brother is a welder so he helped me out with that. Lots of time went into making a foot clutch and a tank shift. It worked in the end but after some test riding i found it to dangerous to drive here in Holland with the million roundabouts, so i changed it back to stock controls. I also had an open exhaust but i found it to loud so i tried making a muffler with a design like i had never seen on a other bike. It works very well actually. Also made my version of a sissybar.

I use it as my daily driver to school, work, friends you name it. i now you didn’t ask for this whole story haha, but me personally, I’m always interested in the story behind a bike. At the moment the bike is nearly done, the riding season here is at its end so i can put the finishing touches on it like a muffler decoration and new pegs. I cant wait to start a new project.

greetings from the Netherlands!




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