The 2010 Honda CB1100 vs the Original Concept Bike. Is it just me or….?

When I look at the earlier concept bike I am really impressed. I don’t have the vocabulary but it absoluty hits all the right notes for me personally. There must be something reeeealy subtle about it though because when I look at ….

… the production model I’m left just a little flat somehow. I’ll leave it to the nuanced language of design experts to explain why exaclty, but for my eye the concept is a much superior looking bike. And I admit that I cant really see any siglificant difference to the “line” in either one. Must be the shocks/color/exhaust just leaving me wanting. I don’t know.. shrug.

Update: looking at them one over the other now it’s clear that the concept had a slightly longer lower leaner line than the production bike and that’s not helped a lot by the graphics on the white bike.

Update #2: What they did to the exhaust should be criminal.

Update #3: The more I look the more I see. What did they do to the clean engine finning of the original??? Sheesh did they just pull the castings off the early 80’s bikes?

I’ll stop now.
Leave comments if you agree / disagree.



  1. The concept bike is tighter in many places. Smaller blinkers, shorter tail light mount, shorter passenger seat, shorter pipes, smaller side panel, smaller “carb” covers, smaller fuel tank, headlight tucked in further, smaller handle bars, smaller passenger peg u. I could go on.
    And the lines are also slightly altered. The tank on the concept has a slight cant downward at the front. The production bike is more horizontal.
    And the concept bike has a sharper performance focus in its component spec. The front rotors look larger, the shocks have piggy back reservoirs, and the pipes are cut off flat rather than with a slight return.
    And the finishes chosen on the concept bike are sexier, with the wheel finish dark and stealthy, no chrome bits on the engine, and metallic red paint on the tank.
    Little things which all add up. Little things the aftermarket and a detail oriented owner can fix.

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