Month: February 2012

Now that’s an understanding wife! Davis may sends in a sweet Yamaha enduro hybrid and a REALLY cool wedding cake!

Davis May sends these in..

Here is my 1973 Yamaha DT3/250. This is my first and only motorcycle. I bought it off Ebay three or four years ago now. I learned to ride on this machine. Its kinda of a mutt. I was not sure if I wanted an enduro or a flat tracker so I kinda did both.
Things I have done-
RD350 Triple Tree
Honda Front Wheel and Hub (went from a 21″ to 18″)
Fiberglass tail section that was built for a Triumph
Webco High Compression head
Expansion chamber(sorry no photos of it)
Relocated ignition switch
Relocated Speedometer (no tach)
Hand Made wiring harness

I have to give my friend Bill credit for the paint. He did all the hard stuff. I just buffed.

The cake is my wedding cake. My wife had to know what she was getting into.

I hope that you enjoy

That’s a great bike and an even better wife! Nicely done sir!

The Mighty Honda MB5 “out in the wild”!

Jim Meyer spotted this clean little scoot and sent her in.

Steve, I spotted this today and had no idea what it was, never saw one before. Very cool little bike. Where has all the simplicity gone?

Good Question Jim.

These engines had decent specs including 185 psi compression! And I’ve read that some US versions had top speeds in excess of 50 mph. Wow!

Type Air cooled 2-stroke, reed valve
Cylinder arrangement Single cylinder 40 degree incline
Bore and Stroke 39.0 x 41.4 mm (1.54 x 1.63 in)
Displacement 49cc (2.98 cu in)
Compression ratio 7.6:1
Max Horsepower 7.0 BHP @ 9000 rpm
Max Torque 4.05 ft-lb (5.6 N-m)
Oil Capacity, transmission
Oil tank 1.1 US qt (1.0 liters)
1.2 US qt (1.1 liters)
Lubrication system Forced (eng) and wet sump (tranny)
Air Filtration Oiled polyurethane foam
Cylinder compression 185 psi (1275 kPa)
Engine weight 38.6 lb (17.5 kg)
Idle Speed 1400 rpm

Super cool Hodaka Super RAT!

Was kicking around Craigslist for the heck of it and stumbled across this ridiculously cool tricked out Hodaka!  And as of the Date of this post, it’s For Sale.  Again, NOT mine.  Don’t know the owner.

Man there’s a LOT of love in this build..

From the AD:

1974 Hodaka Super Rat Model 98. This bike won the 100cc Florida Vintage Motocross Series in 2011. It has a PVL ignition, Harry Taylor Gen3 Up-Pipe, Ohlins rear shocks, front end is from a Thunderdog 250, 1″ extended swingarm, Excel rims and much more. If you want a bike to win the 100cc class this is it.


And while we’re at it… a 1965 Suzuki Hustler!

Henry Buss from the previous post also sent in this excellent Hustler.

Hi Steve.
This is a 1965 Suzuki Super Six or Hustler that I restored a while back from
a basket case. I had sent you some pictures before of a Honda CR 750 and a
1965 Ducati 350 race bike that I had biult. I can’t remember if you put the
Ducati on your site but I will send a picture for you.
Henry Buss

A Sweet modified 1965 Ducati Sebring Road Rcer.

Thanks Much to Henry Buss out of Canada. That is one hell of a nice save! Must be a blast o ride!

I biult this 1965 Ducati road racer from 6 boxes of parts that were a 1965 Sebring.
Bored out to 350 from 344cc.
Omega piston
Megacycle Cam
EX valve 36mm
In valve 40mm
Gas Flowed Head
Lightened Frame etc.

Heads up to you west coast air travellers.

This looks cool.  If you’re traveling through San Fran stop and check it out.  Good shots at the link.

Thanks to Robie Pruden writes in:

Steve ,
While visiting my Daughter in San Francisco I entered/exited via San Francisco Airport. They have a museum there with interesting exhibits. This time they have a show of post war small bore Italian Motorcycles. About 20 bikes that blow you away with style. Goes till to April 2012. No affiliation on my part. I actually went to the airport early to see the it the last two times.
The link doesn’t do the actual exhibit justice but would clue people into a real treat. click veiw exhibit

By the way… Maybe it’s the warmer winter and the spring air but the reader submissions have been outstanding lately! Thanks Everyone!

You folks have been sending me some really great stuff lately. If you haven’t seen it posted yet please bear with me. As these things go of course, I’m slammed with other obligations and short on time the moment but I will get it all up there.

I actually look forward to the break so PLEASE keep them coming. I won’t forget you..