And while we’re at it… a 1965 Suzuki Hustler!

Henry Buss from the previous post also sent in this excellent Hustler.

Hi Steve.
This is a 1965 Suzuki Super Six or Hustler that I restored a while back from
a basket case. I had sent you some pictures before of a Honda CR 750 and a
1965 Ducati 350 race bike that I had biult. I can’t remember if you put the
Ducati on your site but I will send a picture for you.
Henry Buss



  1. My brother got one of these brand new and threatened to kill me if I ever so much as touched it. Then our oldest brother came home from the Marines and stole it for a ride with me on the back. Man what a ride that was and I was hooked on motorcycles for life. Good times.

  2. a high school teacher of mine had one of was the biggest jap bike at the time.replaced it with
    a triumph trident.

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