Now that’s an understanding wife! Davis may sends in a sweet Yamaha enduro hybrid and a REALLY cool wedding cake!

Davis May sends these in..

Here is my 1973 Yamaha DT3/250. This is my first and only motorcycle. I bought it off Ebay three or four years ago now. I learned to ride on this machine. Its kinda of a mutt. I was not sure if I wanted an enduro or a flat tracker so I kinda did both.
Things I have done-
RD350 Triple Tree
Honda Front Wheel and Hub (went from a 21″ to 18″)
Fiberglass tail section that was built for a Triumph
Webco High Compression head
Expansion chamber(sorry no photos of it)
Relocated ignition switch
Relocated Speedometer (no tach)
Hand Made wiring harness

I have to give my friend Bill credit for the paint. He did all the hard stuff. I just buffed.

The cake is my wedding cake. My wife had to know what she was getting into.

I hope that you enjoy

That’s a great bike and an even better wife! Nicely done sir!

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