3 comments on “The Mighty Honda MB5 “out in the wild”!

  1. I remember these in the 80’s in the UK. It’s quite an amazing survivor, they were usually used and abused pretty rapidly. Regarding simplicity, I’m not sure a disc brake is required on a 50cc machine

  2. I took my MSF course on one of these. What a blast from the past! The MSF school I attended way back when was hosted at a school with a road circling the school. Every time we were out of the eyes of the instructor it turned into a flat track race. Great memories! Thanks for sharing this pristine example of a fun little scoot!

  3. I had one of these and I had a ball with it, even looped it once. The motor would rev to 10,000 but would take a long time to do so because of the heavy flywheel. I would rev it to 10K, pop the clutch and it would stand straight up and hold it there for a long time but once I tried shifting it into second and the heavy flywheel just pushed the bike way over vertical and I was left trying to run behind it at 15 mph which I did not do very well. I had so much fun when I was younger. Actually I still do.

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