Video of John Renwick and Ed Wallbank testing Epimetheus, the 1665cc Vincent, on the dynamometer.

“probably about 180”  HP….

What a bike!  What a tuner!  What a Shop!!  And these gents are having a hell of a good time!

When it’s on the dyno, turn it up LOUD!


Hat Tip to Hell For Leather


  1. I see the video and think, “These old guys are sure having a good time. When I get old I’m going to do the same thing.” Then I see my reflection in the mirror and it hits me: I’m older than these guys so what am I waiting for? It’s not all bad since I do manage to keep myself occupied quite well with the various projects I’ve got going at all times but this video points out what it really is all about, live life to the maximum.

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