Another Cafe’d Dualsport! This time a KLR.

I’ve always thought the big thumper enduro bikes had a lot of potential as cafe builds. I’m seeing more of them lately.

This one is from Mark Asproyerakas: I replied to another post of a KLR café photo. Thought you would like to see mine. If you want to post go ahead. I can give details of all the bikes features.

Great Stuff! Must be great in the “urban jungle”.

Update: And we’re back with a great photo album from Germany!

Here’s a rough youtube video that has some clips of the big NSU bison 2000 sidecars in action. They sound like cannons!

Ben sends in a link to his excellent Photo Album from his weekend travels.

He Writes in:
Hi Steve,
my name is Ben, i live in Germany (near Stuttgart in Swabia) and I did a little trip yesterday to the Technikmuseum Sinsheim. This is a museum full of cars, planes, bikes, tanks and so on. Additionally, this weekend was a bike meeting, too. Just about 1000 bikes, which distracted me from taking pictures. But I got some nice pics of the bikes from the museum, including the 1000 and 2000 ccm NSU Bisons (single cylinder!).
here is the link, feel free to use the pics, so I can donate something to your website (which i like very much)!

Greetz Ben

Wow! I’ve never heard of this bike! I can only imagine the performance characteristics!

Wow! Quasimoto! A very appropriate name!

Richard Hinely sent this in a while back and I misplaced it in the e-mail explosion I’ve been getting lately. Really unusual and interesting idea. I imagine the geometry is anything but textbook but I have to admit that it looks cool as hell (to me anyway). I bet you could do some CRAZY stoppies!

Richard writes in:
Here are a few shots of my take on a cafe/supermoto hybrid. It’s a 2000 Honda XR650R with a 2004 or so CBR600RR front end. Handles a bit odd with too much rear wheel travel for really fast cornering, but still hauls booty! It jumped off my trailer on I-75 outside Atlanta and destroyed the front end, so it is now undergoing a conversion to full supermoto with a stock XR front end. Love your website, by the way!

Cool stuff. Thanks Richard and sorry for the holdup in posting it.

Moto Guzzi Nibbio. A Small 50cc 2-stroke Moto Guzzi.

Nope that’s not a typo.. Cool little scoot. I believe it’s based on a Benelli model but I’m not sure.
1974 – 1982
1 Cylinder , 2-stroke
Bore X Stroke : 40 X 39
Comp. ratio : 8 : 1
Carberettor : Dell’Orto SHA 14
Front tyre : 2,50X18
Rear tyre : 2,50X18
Wheelbase : 1210
Weight : 77 kg.