Things you don’t see every day. A Pulsejet Boardtracker.

An it’s FOR SALE on E-Bay. (And NO I am not affiliated nor do I know the owner)



  1. If my info is correct the guy who built this (a Canadian custom bicycle builder) first tried building one around a cruiser bicycle a few years back. It had only one pulse jet engine and was rumored to achieve a tops speed of 80+ mph in 10 second runs. With about 2 minutes of fuel on board it was strictly a drag/exhibition type toy.

    I think the $25K price tag he’s asking for this one, if he gets it, will most likely be from a “Jay Leno” type enthusiast. Someone with more money than good sense and just likes the novelty of the whole thing. Something to store in the living area of his “man cave” to impress his other over the top friends.

    Just my ten cents.

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