Wow! Quasimoto! A very appropriate name!

Richard Hinely sent this in a while back and I misplaced it in the e-mail explosion I’ve been getting lately. Really unusual and interesting idea. I imagine the geometry is anything but textbook but I have to admit that it looks cool as hell (to me anyway). I bet you could do some CRAZY stoppies!

Richard writes in:
Here are a few shots of my take on a cafe/supermoto hybrid. It’s a 2000 Honda XR650R with a 2004 or so CBR600RR front end. Handles a bit odd with too much rear wheel travel for really fast cornering, but still hauls booty! It jumped off my trailer on I-75 outside Atlanta and destroyed the front end, so it is now undergoing a conversion to full supermoto with a stock XR front end. Love your website, by the way!

Cool stuff. Thanks Richard and sorry for the holdup in posting it.


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